Low Back Pain Exercise Program

This free eBook contains information about self-myofascial release, lengthening techniques, muscle activation exercises, and integrated dynamic movement.

What’s Inside

  • Learn the four phases of the corrective exercise continuum

  • Theory and background behind corrective exercise training

  • Develop optimal length-tension relationships in muscle groups to create better movement

About your trainer

Over the past fifteen years, Brian Muccio’s life work has been to help his clients develop their potential, so they may function at their best, and use their bodies to perform at optimal levels in life and in athletic endeavors. When training, Brian’s goal is always to teach and refine your brain, body, and entire nervous system’s ability to integrate movement skills and create the physical outputs necessary to accomplish your individual goals. If you’re looking for a personal trainer, Brian is it!


Brian’s clients range from teens to seniors. He works with golfers, skiers, martial artists, fencers, baseball players, professors, doctors, attorneys, and professionals of all kinds who are trying to maintain their levels of energy and health at work and at home.

Realizing people are busier today than ever before, Brian maintains a flexible schedule which can accommodate the varied lifestyle of his clients. He has a physical studio in Indialantic, FL.