The results have been pretty miraculous. The knot in my back is gone, my leg strength is coming back, I walk more relaxed, I’m becoming more flexible and I am back to playing golf throughout the week again.

Jeff K., Sebastian, FL

Within 2 months I made tremendous progress with my mobility and overall well-being. I’m able to get out there on the golf course once again, and play like I did when I was much younger. 

Shiva K., Satellite Beach, FL

Since training with Brian, I have actually just now begun to understand how my body is supposed to move, so that I can move more freely, whether in golf, everyday movement, or just walking down the street! 

John J., Palm Bay, FL

Brian’s style of instruction has worked well for me because he explains in depth the principles behind the exercises in which we engage, and how they help me create more power in my golf swing. 

Bill K., Indialantic, FL

Very thankfully, I found Brian, who over the course of only a few months brought me to the point where I often forget I had ever suffered a severe hip injury.” I’m so grateful that I can now play golf again without pain.

Tom S., Merritt Island, FL

Through the training process, I now know how to move and control my body without going into pain. The program involved first the mastery of highly controlled motions at very slow speeds to rebuild my body awareness; and second, to combine the individual motions into more complex movements at higher rates of speed; to mimic real life events and rotational sport movements. This training process has really helped my mobility, strength, and efficiency in my golf swing. 

Harry L., Melbourne, FL

Brian has been our personal trainer for some four years and we have benefitted hugely from working with him. Each session may be different in the specific exercises we do, but each one targets our upper and lower body strength, large and small joint flexibility and balance. We continue to gain in these areas and develop new functionality. He also teaches us how to keep our brain agile by specific exercises to challenge our normal patterns. During physical therapy for a knee, Brian adjusted exercises to promote healing while continuing to train the rest of the body. 

During the COVID pandemic, we’ve worked with Brian remotely for more than a year. He’s replicated our “in the gym” routines with free-weights, exercise tubes and bands and we can continue to train and gain without “machines” and expensive equipment. 

We have worked with other trainers before meeting Brian and have a solid basis for comparison. Brian is phenomenal. We know trainers who project a “macho” image, to prove a point. But Brian projects his deep knowledge and his own training, confidence in us and in himself. Each session is calm and thorough. We continue to slowly and surely build capacity and endurance. As to his formal credentials, you should google him. This trainer is trained! Brian is a standout in his profession in every way. 

Jane & Don, Brookline, MA

Brian has been a superb trainer for my mom, who is 95. He gets results through a combination of gentle coaxing to push her harder and acceptance when she doesn’t want to. He also really knows a lot about the elderly body, and how to maximize its potential. I would recommend him to anyone.

Lisa Rein, Washington, DC and Boston

I was referred to Brian by a close friend, Steve, who has been working with Brian for the past three years. Steve suggested Brian’s training would be beneficial for me, and he was absolutely right! I started working with Brian about a year ago, and I had just been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was the cause of my double vision problems. 

In the twelve months I’ve known Brian, he has made a tremendous positive impact on my health and wellness. We do an hour’s work together online once a week, and as a result, my mobility, balance, and strength have all increased significantly. Together with my medication, this training work has completely controlled my vision problems. I also attribute the absence now of stiffness and muscular pains that I had dealt with over the previous five years to Brian’s skill and knowledge in the complex workings of the human body. Having just turned 80 years old, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being as agile and flexible as I was almost 20 years ago. 

In our one-hour sessions each week, Brian selects particular movements and exercises – based on observations and assessments – and he leads me through them to ensure I take the best advantage of each. He pays attention to and incorporates muscular, vestibular, neurological, ocular, and mental clues. In that process, he somehow manages to integrate all of the activities into a successful whole. Equipment needs are minimal: exercise bands, a foam roller, sometimes a knee pad, and a chair for balance. Our sessions are on Zoom, and I use a large screen iMac and video camera to watch his movements and to show mine. 

I’ve never been a fan of exercise for its own sake. I enjoy walking and have done that for fun and exploring for the last 15 years. However, I spend many hours a day sitting at a computer or driving a car, which has not been good for my body as I age. When I had hip muscle tightness and pain, I used to treat it with massage and physical therapy, but it has not been necessary since my work with Brian. 

Brian is a delight to work with. He’s easy to talk to and to understand, he’s always on time and prepared, and he sends me video clips of our sessions so I can do some on my own when I wish. As a result, these sessions are not a chore; I look forward to them. I know I will get a good workout, and though I may sometimes be a little sore the next day, I’m encouraged that I’ll be able to move with ease for another week. 

I am pleased to recommend Brian as an expert trainer, a thoughtful and empathetic man, and a reliable companion. 

Abbott W. Ph.D, Professor

I am a career desk jockey, and Brian designed a full-body program in a professional and non-judgmental manner that has made me stronger and improved my mobility and stability. As a result of my work with Brian, I am now more active than I’ve been in years and pretty much pain-free.

Daniel C. Age 62, Retired Financial Manager

I’m in my mid-seventies and need to maintain strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Brian is my key resource. He actively controls each training session to fix short-term problems and work on long-term goals. Brian constantly evaluates and updates my progress. He has deep knowledge and experience and dedicates his skills to produce the best result for each client. 

Bob A., Attorney, Boston, MA

Brian is the best of the three trainers I have worked with over the years. I am seventy now and a woman who has been active and athletic my whole life. I started with Brian because I felt I was losing my agility and athleticism. We only work once a week, but that has been very helpful and prompted me to do more independently between sessions. I definitely feel sturdier after a year of working together.

Jane T, Boston

Brian is professional, prompt, consistent, and always comes prepared. He approaches our hour together every week with just the right amount of a “let’s get to work” attitude and a kind, friendly manner that always makes the 60 minutes a productive success. 

Brian always comes with a new checklist for the hour. If I get chatty and go off track, I get that patient, “let’s get back to work” look that makes me smile and move on to the program he has created for me. He is quite simply the best.

Jane C., Brookline MA

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